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Journal of Construction and Building Materials

Frequency: Bi-monthly

Journal Access: Hybrid publication, available in both online and print version

The Journal of Construction and Building materials and is a hybrid open access, peer reviewed and refereed journal providing interdisciplinary forum for conceptual and unpublished research on building and construction materials.

Type of articles: Original, research, review and case studies.

Scope of the journal

The Journal aims and promotes recent technical and scientific advancements in Building and construction materials and covers all areas of building and construction material research with a particular interest in:

Building design and techniques

Application of computer models

Building planning and operation

Building remodelling

Building maintaince

Building performance

Advance and energy efficient building and construction materials

Construction management

Building and construction material recycling

Construction methods and safety

Environmental engineering and pollution

Green building technologies and design

Urban Planning and Development.

The scope of journal of construction and building material also includes bridges, dams, highways, tunnels, civil engineering structure and material technology related to cement, ceramics, bricks, composite building material and mortars, recycled materials, sealants and adhesives technology, Fabric, Gypcrete, Metals, innovative polymers used in building and construction materials.

At the high demand to design new building design and technologies, to optimize building and constructions work with an implication of uptodate technologies to improve productivity and efficacy, the journal is a significant resources and vital reading platform for all professionals and academicians involved in building and construction work and research.

The review of submitted articles will be coordinated by the Editor-in-Chief and other editorial board members. Final acceptance or rejection of articles will be based on the review report and editorial decision.

Please go through author submission guidelines before submission.

Editor-in-Chief message

Warm welcome to the Journal of Construction and Building Materials.The journal aims to create a platform to share the new information and knowledge on the recent developments in the field of civil engineering construction and building materials. We aim to complete the review process faster so that the new developments will be available to the world as soon as possible. We will strive to attract good quality papers for publication in the Journal of Construction and Building Materials by blind peer review process.

We will also submit the journal for listing in renowned data bases such as Scopus in the near future.

I request you make use of the opportunity and submit your original research articles to this journal.


Dr.Sivakumar Naganathan




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