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Insight Mechanical Engineering

Frequency: Bi-monthly

Journal Access: Hybrid publication, available in both online and print version

Insights mechanical engineering provides a forum for sharing ideas, recent advamncements, cutting-edge approaches and techniques in mechanical engineering for decision makers, academician, researchers and students.

The journal features refereed articles relating to exceptional significance in all areas of mechanical engineering.

Papers specially contribute to the advancement of mechanical engineering to resolve social problems, enrich the humanity by removing the current social and industrial problems for providing greater comfort are welcome..

Contributors include researchers, academicians and practitioners of all areas of mechanical engineering.

Scope of the journal:


Machine design

Mechatronics and robotics

Structural analysis and failure analysis

Stress analysis

Thermodynamics: Heat exchangers, heat transfer, energy conversion, and HVAC

Design and drafting

Manufacturing engineering

Aerospace engineering

Automotive engineering

Fuels, combustion, internal combustion engine

Energy studies

Solar energy

Fluid mechanics

Mechanism and machine design

Conveyors, hydraulics, and pneumatics

Slurry pumping and transportation

Refrigeration and air conditioning

Engineering design and product design

Mechanics of advanced materials and Applications of advanced materials

Drafting, computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)

Cutting edge technologies: Micro electro-mechanical systems, Friction stir welding, Mechatronics, Composite materials, Nanotechnology, Biomechanics, Finite element analysis, Computational fluid dynamics, Acoustical engineering

Type of articles: Original, research, review and case studies.

The review of submitted articles will be coordinated by the Editor-in-Chief and other editorial board members. Final acceptance or rejection of articles will be based on the review report and editorial decision.

Please go through author submission guidelines before submission.

Why Publish with Insight mechanical engineering?

Covering all mechanical engineering domains

Rapid review and publication

Easy submission and online manuscript submission and tracking system

Presently issuing DOI to all published article

International readership with worldwide citation and visibility

Ethical publication procedures and high quality of published content

Indexing of published papers to indexing databases

Round the clock editorial support.

Journal Indexing

Vol 1, No 1 (2016): Volume 1, Issue 1, 2016

Review Article

Prabhukhot Prachi R, Wagh Mahesh M, Gangal Aneesh C


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