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Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Frequency: Bi-monthly

Journal Access: Hybrid model, available in both online and print version

Aim and Scope:

Annals of  Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is a peer-reviewed international which publishes papers in the categories of Research, Review,Technical notes and Short communication.

Areas covered:


1. Research related to agricultural science.

2.Plant Science including plant response to air, water and soil chemical, pollutants, ozone and UV to infrared radiations.

3.Soil science.

4.Agricultural engineering and technology.

5.Agricultural pollutants.

6.Microbiology and biotechnology(including antibiotic resistances).

7.New emerging pollutants.

Environmental Science: Topic related to-

1.Influence of agriculture on environment and impact of environmental changes on agriculture.

2.Effect of human activities on environment and its effect on human health including effect of air quality, environmental and human health risk assessment, and climatic changes with respect to industrial development.

3.Effect of chemicals and pollutants on human and animal health and mechanism by which these agent causes diseases.

4.Effect of global warming on environment, human and animals.

Special interest:

1.Environmental and occupational medicine.

2.Various pollutants and human health.

3.Environmental epidemiology.

4.Environmental policies relevant to environment like environmental pollution and pollutants, climateic changes, renewal and non-renewable resources.

5.Environmental policies and its linkage to social and economic issues.

6.Innovative ideas,technologies and new products that help to improve and resolve environmental issues.

7.Effect of toxic materials and contaminant on environment and its effect on human health.

The review of submitted articles will be coordinated by the Editor-in-Chief and other editorial board members. Final acceptance or rejection of articles will be based on the review report and editorial decision.

Please go through author submission guidelines before submission.


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