Advertisement policy

Welcome to Lawarence Press, ideal platform for your business advertisement. Lawarence press accepts advertisements and sponsorship’s for its medical, biomedical, dental, engineering and applied science journals website and print journals.

Lawarence press is abide by following guidelines :

Acceptance of all advertisement is subjected to review and approval by Lawarence Press.

Advertisers or sponsors have no inputs or influence on editorial decision.

Any advertisement competes with services or product offered by Lawarence Press is subjected to prohibition.

Any advertisement, advertisement logos or icons should be separate from content and advertisement at journals website page designed to label with word “Advertisement”.

Advertisement similar to editorial content will not allow to be placed adjacent to relevant editorial content.

Lawarence Press reserves the right to edit advertisements, change advertisements and its rates, decline or cancel the advertisement deems to be inappropriate or inconsistent to Lawarence Press policy at any time without prior notice.

Advertisements or advertising claims may not imply endorsement by the Lawarence Press or its journals.

Advertisements directed at children, any false claim or miracle cure or method, alcohol and tobacco products, religious, political, fireworks, weapons, ammunition, lottery, pop-ups and floating adds, roll over adds directing reader to another site without reader click or permission strictly prohibited.

All the advertising material must be provided in electronic format.

Lawarence Press assumes no liability for any typographical or graphical errors in advertisement.

Lawarence Press is not liable to failure of transmit or circulate a whole or a part of an issue in which advertisement is published due to natural calamities, war, strikes, accidents and condition beyond control of Lawarence Press.