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Journal of Craniofacial Research

Frequency: Bi-monthly

Journal Access: Open, available in both online and print version

The journal aim is to open and expand new frontiers of craniofacial research. The journal provides a platform and helps to facilitate prominent link to exchange research reports and finding among reserach community and  practicing clinicians.

The journal welcome original articles, reviews and reports of consise values and high scientific quality relates to areas of craniofacial research.The journal also invites letters, communication and announcements.

The review of submitted articles will be coordinated by the Editor-in-Chief and other editorial board members. Final acceptance or rejection of articles will be based on the review report and editorial decision.

Please go through author submission guidelines before submission.

Journal of craniofacial research

Editor-in-Chief message

In the continuous changing world where new research finding is coming up in the area of craniofacial dentistry we need to be proactive in learning cutting edge finding and techniques and I am confident that JCR will deliver the recent craniofacial research and impetus on research culture among researcher in various aspects of craniofacial dentistry.

It’s my a profound pleasure and warm welcomed to the readership of journal of craniofacial research.

The Journal of craniofacial research focused on various research work and their outcomes related to craniofacial research for improving oral care and craniofacial health.

The journal is committed in providing a receptive and reliable platform for the publication of relevant high-quality manuscripts of an international standards while instilling values of publication ethics.

I appreciate the endless effort of many people in development of the JCR and with the support of your I see a bright future of JCR.

We welcome your feedback.


Prof S.K Diwan

Journal of Craniofacial Research


Journal Indexing

No 1 (2016): Vol 01,Issue 01,Year 2016


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