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Journal of Angle Othodontotist

Frequency: Bi-monthly

Journal Access: Open, available in both online and print version

Journal scope: The Journal of Angle Orthodontic aims to deliver high standard of research, technology associated with orthodontic practice to general dentists and other dentists delivering orthodontic care.

The journal aim to publish content that meets new research findings in orthodontic especially to clinical study, skeletal anchorage devices, orthodontic appliance and design, biomaterials,  biomechanics, 3D  image techniques for dentofacial diagnosis & treatment, orthognathic surgery and  TMJ disorders.

Prof Dolly Pankaj Patel, the journal’s Editor-in-Chief, leading academician and expert in orthodontic. Editorial board is composed of well recognized opinion experts in the respective areas of expertise under which journal maintain its strong editorial integrity.

The journal meets all criteria of new time with elegant and esthetic design with author supportive manuscript management system.

Please go through author submission guideliness before submission.


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