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To Assess The Clinical And Microbiological Effects Of Subgingival Irrigation With Propolis Extract And Chlorhexidine As An Adjunct To Scaling And Root Planing In Patients Affected With Chronic Periodontitis - A Comparative study

Shubh Kirti, Nitin Khuller, Preetika Bansal, Preetinder Singh


Background: Conventional periodontal therapy of plaque removal such as scaling and root planing is inefficient in complete removal of plaque and bacteria from the deeper pockets. Subgingival irrigation has been shown to reduce dental plaque, gingivitis, bleeding, probing depth, and periodontal pathogens.
AIM: To assess the clinical and antimicrobial efficacy of Propolis (Propolis PlatinumTM) and Chlorhexidine (PerioGard®) as a subgingival irrigant in the management of patients affected with Chronic Periodontitis.
Materail and methods: Forty five patients of both sexes, ranging from 30-55 years with pocket depths ? 5mm with chronic periodontitis were divided into three groups (Group A, B & C) of 15 patients each. Plaque index (PI), Gingival Index (GI), Sulcus Bleeding Index (SBI), Pocket Probing Depth (PPD), Relative Attachment Level (RAL) and Microbial Colony Count (MCC) were recorded at baseline visit and 6 weeks interval. Complete scaling and root planing was performed in all patients at baseline followed by subgingival irrigation with Normal Saline in Group A, Propolis in Group B & PerioGard Group C.
Statisstical analysis: The results were compiled and statistically analysed to get a meaningful conclusion using Wilcoxon Sign Rank test for intragroup comparison and Mann Whitney U test for intergroup comparison.
Results: Group B & C showed highest reduction in microbial colony counts and improvement in all clinical parameters as compared to group A.
Conclusion: Subgingival irrigation with propolis extract and periogard as an adjuvant to periodontal treatment was more effective than scaling and root planing as assessed by clinical and microbiological parameters.



Chronic Periodontitis, Propolis, PerioGard, Subgingival irrigation


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