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Pharmacokinetics of Memantine-derivative MN-08 in Rats: A Preclinical Study

Chaoqiang Luo, Fangcheng Luo, Yewei Sun, Lipeng Xu, Pei Yu, Yuqiang Wang, Zaijun Zhang


1-amino-3-methyl-5-nitrate methyl adamantane hydrochloride (MN-08), a novel nitrate derivative of memantine, was found to be a potent candidate compound for the treatment of Alzheimer disease in an animal model. A non-clinical pharmacokinetic study was carried out to investigate further uses of MN-08. According to the structure and properties of MN-08, a rapid and sensitive analytical method was established. This method was used to get some preliminary pharmacokinetic data of MN-08 in biological samples of rats. This method is believed to allow rapid access to further research of pharmacokinetics
and efficacy.


pharmacokinetics, MN-08, HPLC, tissues distribution, plasma

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