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Dr Rasnayaka M Mudiyanse MBBS, DCH, MD, MRCP,Head, Department of Paediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniyacoordinates teaching Family Medicine and contributes in the Board of Study in Family Medicine in the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine (Colombo) was appointed as the founder chairmen of the BOS-FM in the PGSM (Peradeniya) in 2015 and currently follows the FAIMER fellowship.A member of the National Thalassemia Committee, involve intraining of trainers in National Advance Paediatrics Life Support courses and dissemination of knowledge in management of Dengue. Special interests includemedical education, doctor patient communication, empathy, professionalism, attitudes and clinical audit.

1. Educational Qualifications: a)MBBS (second class honors), 1982, University of Peradeniya b)Diploma in Child Health, 1994, University of Colombo c)Doctor of Medicine (Paediatrics), 2000 Post Graduate Institute of Medicine d)MRCP 2000 e)Fellowship in FAIMER institute 2015 (on going program)

2. Memberships:Member of Sri Lanka Medical Association Member of Sri Lanka College of Paeditricians Member of National Thalassemia Committee Member of Pain Society of Sri Lanka Member of Forum of Sri Lanka Medical Educationists

3.Journal articles some of the articles published

1.Mudiyanse R.M. Thalassemia treatment and prevention in Uva Province Sri Lanka a public opinion survey Haemoglobin 2006;30:275-89.

2.Mudiyanse RM. Need to Teach Family Medicine Concepts Even Before Establishing Such Practice in a Country. Asia Pac Fam Med 2014;8(13)1.

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4.Mudiyanse RM. From Pre-Marriage counseling to teenage counseling to provide care for thalassemia carriers BMJ Rapid response 21 October 2005.

5.Mudiyanse RM Are we really saving their lives? BMJ 2004 November 329:69.2.

6.Mudiyanse RM, Pallegama RW, Jayalath T, Dharmaratne S, Krupat E. Translation and validation of patient-practitioner orientation scale in Sri Lanka. Educ Health 2015;28:35-40.

7.Mudiyanse R. M. Pallegama R. Jayalath T. Dharmaratne S. COMPARISON OF Patient centred attitudes among 1st, 3rd and 5th year medical students in the faculty of Medicine Peradeniya. South Asia Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies SAJMS August 2015, Vol. 1, No.-7.

8.Mudiyanse RM, de Silva SL, Pallegama R. Impact of Training Courses on Participant’s Patient Centred Attitudes. JMSCR Vol3, Issue 9, Page 7595-7598, September 2015.

9.Mudiyanse RM, Waduga RN, Bowala N, Dharani K, Dassanayake DLP &Rambukwelle. Out of Pocket Spending for Febrile Illnesses among Children Admitted to two Teaching Hospitals in Sri Lanka. Global Journal of Medical Research.2014;16.Volume XIV Issue V Version.

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12.Mudiyanse RM, Kommalage M, Pallegama R, Hojart M. Translation and validation of the Jefferson's Scale of Empathy to Sinhala language (Unpublished data)

4. Abstracts of presentations over 50 regional, national and international 5. Books and chapters

a.Doctor Patient Communication In Clinical Practice. ISBN 978-955-41885-0-1;2014 b.THALASAEMIA ROGAYA HA EYA VALAKVAGANEEMA 2011. ISBN 978 – 955-4582-00-2 2nd edition;2013 c.Uva provincial Pediatric emergencies and Life support 2003 d.Uva provincial Pediatric emergencies and Life support 2004 e.Uva provincial Pediatric emergencies and Life support 2005 (reprint) f.CEPELS 2011 – Pediatric emergencies and life support revised edition from the previous book g.CEPELS 2006-7 – Pediatric emergencies and life support course manual h.Prevention of thalassemia ( In Sinhala language) i.Communication skills for medical students _ forward by prof Harendra j.Clinical auditing; practical guide to design clinical audit forward by the director of the quality secretariat ( in the press) k.Learning Calgary Cambridge communication model through role play forward by Jonthan Silverman ( in press) l.Instructor guide for teaching communication skills ( in press) m.Text Book of Pediatrics for family physicians ( in the press) n.Communication skills facilitator for experiential learning - Forward by DDGHS administration ( in the press)

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