Lawarence press is an ideal platform of business advertisement and exchange of information.

Lawarence press relies of various business models to overcome the operating expenses and recognize advertising revenue as one of source for financial support for publications.

Advertising at lawarence press journals abide by following guidelines:

  • Advertising is a separate from the any journals publication content and no advertiser have neither control over nor attempt to influence the editorial content.
  • Lawarence press reserve the right to decline or cancel any advertisement without prior notice at any time.
  • Lawarence press does not endorse any company, product, or service appearing in the advertisement.
  • Before advertising at lawarence press sites, advertisement must comply with the advertisement policy of the targeted country in which it is seen. Advertisements for pharmaceutical products (including new drug applications) that are subject to U.S. Food and Drug Administration oversight must comply with FDA regulations regarding advertising and promotion.
  • Since editorial content and advertisement are separate content, so advertisement will publish in general information pages, separated from published editorial content.
  • Use of lawarence press name, logo or any product titles by Third party advertisement or email alerts /advertiser blogs will not be permissible.
  • Advertiser must agree for editorial autonomy of lawarence press journals.

Submission of ad:

Advertiser submits the ad in acceptable formats. Type of formats

Digital: Banner advertising (banners with video, base boards and interactive banners), E-Prints, webfocus and webcast, flash, rich media, video and animation, third party emails.

Print: Inserts and outserts.

For any advertising, please contact